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Clicking on "Forum" link redirect me to "Articles"


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I have this strange issue with my 4.1.7 board.

In the menu, if I click "Forums" it redirects to my Page i.e. Articles. This only happens with forums (clicking on other apps such as blogs, gallery etc. works fine).

The Default URL to my forums is www.mydomain.org/boards/ and this URL when clicked redirect to my Articles page. I have temporarily remedied this issue by entering custom (external) URL to "Forums" as "www.mydomain.org/boards/index.php" and it works as such. I'm just wondering why is it happening? I made sure Forums app is set as default in Admin CP and all the permissions are ok. I really don't know why clicking on it (with its default www.mydomain.org/boards/ url) kicks me to my Articles page?



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Check the relevant ACP areas: first ACP → Pages → Pages
If you have a page there with a FURL that conflicts with your board URL slug, it would explain the problem. 

There is also ACP → System → Settings → Advanced Configuration → Friendly URL
Check what is going on there regarding that URL slug. You can also click “Revert to default configuration” there if something was not set correctly. 

Or, as already suggest, let someone from IPS check that out in your ACP directly. 

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