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  1. I checked all the settings under Members -> Moderators, yet, mods still can't post articles i.e. under "Create" menu, there is no "Article" option? What did I miss here? Thanks.
  2. Using latest IPB4, not sure if this is a bug or am I doing something wrong but..selecting a member moderate specific moderators (under Members - Moderators) does nothing really - that member can still moderate ALL forums? Is there anything perhaps I am not doing properly? Thanks.
  3. Opentype,sorry for asking but, I couldn't find that template bit in the Pages -> Templates -> HTML?
  4. Well, I find it a bit dissapointing this wasn't included as an option. Do you know perhaps which part of the template needs to be edited? Thanks.
  5. Hey gents! Is there any way to show a whole article (Pages) on the main page without a preview i.e. without users having to click on the "Read more.." link to actually see the whole content of the article? Thanks in advance.
  6. I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland but I'm sure I'll get used to IPB4 in no time! Anyway, is there a way to export topics to the main portal pages (Pages) in a way of a topic feed (but showing only first/main post? Currently, with the default blocks, I can import either topic feeds (listed, showing titles, which I'm not interested in) and posts feed (showing actual content). Problem with the post feed is it just keeps showing replies etc.. What I would like to have is a topic feed (showing initial post) on the main portal page and than people should click on a link to go
  7. Actually, I was wrong. The modules have www.domainname.com/boards/modulename URL format. The forum however, has only www.domainame.org/boards/.
  8. Yeah, that's an option but I was hoping someone here would know what the problem is. Seems a bit odd really. It only happens with Forums tab. The Gallery, Blog etc. (which have the same mydomain.org/modulename/ format) work just fine.
  9. I have this strange issue with my 4.1.7 board. In the menu, if I click "Forums" it redirects to my Page i.e. Articles. This only happens with forums (clicking on other apps such as blogs, gallery etc. works fine). The Default URL to my forums is www.mydomain.org/boards/ and this URL when clicked redirect to my Articles page. I have temporarily remedied this issue by entering custom (external) URL to "Forums" as "www.mydomain.org/boards/index.php" and it works as such. I'm just wondering why is it happening? I made sure Forums app is set as default in Admin CP and all the permissions
  10. IF there's an option (without having to edit template) to permamently disable this notice on the front-end, then I don't have any problems with it. IF this can't be done and the message pops up on its own every now and then on the front end of the forum, then, to me, this would be an issue.
  11. Is that you in the photo? Ssssmoking hot! :D

    1. Sarah Joy Sokoloff

      Sarah Joy Sokoloff

      Behave N don't be weird!

  12. ^^It's always more complicated to have bunch of people decide on a single matter then to have one person do it. But..to each his own I gues..
  13. Not too crazy about the whole idea. There is "Like" and there's "Best Answer". Adding anything more to that would just make things more confusing and complicated..
  14. ^^Guess you're right, I haven't realized it's no longer there. :)
  15. +1 on the original post. The management of emoticons kinda sucks as it is but I don't find it an important issue to deal with, not for now at least.
  16. This is an honest question. I was wondering what is the practical use of having forums not adding to user postcounts? What makes them different from forums which are adding to user post counts in terms of content? Thanks.
  17. The warning points can be edited in Admin CP -> Edit Member. As for editing warnings, yeah, I don't think you can right now. Would be cool if you could.
  18. You said the iOS app will be free but it's (still) not? Is the "IPS Communities" app we're talking about or did I get something wrong?
  19. 1. Did the IPB licence price go down (from 175$ fo 165$) or am I seeing this as a person who already owns 1 licence (discount perhaps)? 2. Right now, my IP.Chat licence is valid for 6 months (free 5 users plan) as is my current licence. If I upgrade to 20 users a year (20 dollars) it will last, as presumed a whole year, even after my active licence expires (board and apps)? Thanks in advance & keep up the good work! :)
  20. It's alive!!! It's alive!!! :D
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