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Now what I mean by this is  when you create a block say for me it would be Related Articles. you can have the option to filter by tags or even a field value. So lets say I want to add a "Related News" block at the bottom of my record page.  I can set it up to look for content that has the same tags. so say "Site News" it would look for  all the site news but seeing as you have it set for 5 records to be pulled it will only show the five you want via the latest updated or the newest ones. 

Now say you have a review section and you want to find a review on related products games or anime you can filter by a custom field you have created. Lets take my anime reviews section. I have a Genre custom field and I want the block to pull all the anime that follow that strict filter so if I have  "action comedy and horror" picked in the record that the block is in. It will pull anime that follow that same genres 


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