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  1. Hi! Like from object, can be a great feature add ability to change category icon in pages database via category settings. otherwise, atm, all category contain same icon and this isn't a great view. i hope this can be implemented in feature release - Edit: this can be a good feature also in forum category... - regards, S.N.
  2. Wiki-style editing Would like to at least see edits go into moderation, and the admin be able to see the edit log of what that member did, and be able to approve or edit his/her edits before approval for grammar or just to keep some parts and not others. A difference report would be even better, with the edits highlighted. I know it is not a true wiki, but opening it up to live edits even with groups you trust is not good for databases, there needs to be quality control. (I believe you are not even notified?) Thanks!
  3. I just bought Pages and I can't figure out where to download it. Do you download the whole IPS Community Suite and upload those files? Thank you.
  4. I am not experienced about the subject and I hope some experts can help me understand it. I have read in the following link that if some information is given to Google , the search results can be enriched as given in the examples. https://developers.google.com/structured-data/rich-snippets/ I have tested and found out that the ones for Events are already there and Google gets use of those if we set an event through IPS4.1 Calendar. Going through other subjects I have focused more on articles and reviews. For the reviews, I have looked into the page records that I have enabled reviews and have seen that there are some items that are required and seems those can be helpful if the record is rated and reviews are written. I hope that those little yellow stars will appear in results for pages that has reviews and rating. For the articles though, I could not find the required datas within the page records which I think can be really helpful as I have both articles and news databases. What I would like to ask is can the following items which seems to be "required" be given within the templates ? <div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/NewsArticle"> <h2 itemprop="headline">Article headline</h2> <h3 itemprop="alternativeHeadline">The headline of the Article</h3> <span itemprop="description">A most wonderful article</span> <span itemprop="articleBody">The full body of the article</span> <img itemprop="image" src="thumbnail1.jpg" alt="thumbnail 1 summary"/> <img itemprop="image" src="thumbnail2.jpg" alt="thumbnail 2 summary"/> <meta itemprop="datePublished" content="2015-02-05T08:00:00+08:00"/> </div>
  5. Just as calendar entries are featured with this date box, I propose that pages records show the record image (if one was uploaded) in that spot.
  6. Repost from the patch note: I installed the 4.1.17 beta today and while everything is great, I'm kind of bothered that I cannot display custom fields from Pages databases in the RSS feeds. It makes the compatibility with pages completely useless. I'm left using my custom methods still. Is there anywhere else more appropriate to suggest this? The ability to insert custom fields in an RSS feed would be great and make the new "Custom RSS" feature infinitely more useful.
  7. On Pages, there is no option to "Save and Reload" when we are adding an article. Good practice ditates that we must save our work from time to time, so in case of a computer crash, we don't lose our work. With Pages, we need to hit Save and then hit Edit again to acomplish this. It would be nice to have a "Save and reload" button, so we could update the database and keep editing the article. Thanks.
  8. I have two research databases on my site, both of which have their item language customized as "entries." All well and good, except that when I run an advanced search for tagged or other content, both databases show up simply as "entries" and I have to click each one, then the Categories drop-down menu to figure out which one I want to search (see attached screenshot). I think it would be great to briefly specify which database each "Entries" entry applies to, e.g., "Entries (Schelling notes)". If the database name is long, truncate it with an ellipse i.e., "Entries (Schelling no...)" or something - just so the user knows right off which database is which, especially if you have several databases with the same type of itemization.
  9. Dear IPS guys, i kindly suggest you improve the presentation of the reciprocal records on Pages databases. By they way you have them now, you present them as "text links" just piled up. Besides that, the system is not robust enough to handle hundreds of reciprocal records. So i suggest the following improvements: 1) Allow different presentation instead just of text links 2) Allow ordering by the fields of the related records (a presentation using the listing templates would be the most adequate) 3) Improve robustness of the solution regarding the volume, with pagination. Tbh, i don't know if anybody from IPS will care about this, but if they don't, they should. Anyway, here it is. Thanks
  10. Hi, 1. In term of working with IP.Content Templates, we had a sidebar area name "Template Tags" and that was very useful. So many possibility of parameters and really helpful for template designing. Pages template's Work space is great now but this one is strongly missed. 2. There is no "Comment feed" to create as a block. like Recent Comments from Database/Category 3. In the new versions IPS bring back Some of the very necessary Blocks Filter options. i don't know is that me when i play in Demo version or is this is a problem. For Record Feed block, Sort option is always is empty. This sort option for me in ip.content is pretty useful. specially option like Last Updated Date, View, Rate and Comments. Sort option in other Apps feed block works fine. like Gallery or Download Sort option is valid but in Pages feeds it's empty always. 4. Filter options need a "Tag" option. not only feeds from Pages but the other apps as well. 5. As I suggest before, there is really need notification alert when someone "Edit" a record, when we activate Wiki-Style Editing. Also Editing is a User Activity and must be recorded in User Profile Activities. 6. In term of Fields, 2 option can be very useful. With Group Can See this Field and With Group Can work with this field. like you create a field only a moderator [or...] can work with it and the other groups can't. 7. Making a Tabbed Blocks as a drop/down, working on Global sidebar blocks area. like making a block and drop some blocks in it. 8. Stats Widget based on Databases/Categories. like Number of articles, comments, last article date and ...
  11. The Database Relationship data type is missing from the profile fields. This is fundamental for IP Pages <-> Core Integration.
  12. So it's been bugging me for a while but my OCD finally won. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the way that things are listed when it comes to applications (specifically Pages but all in general). They each show up in their own free form order in multiple places. First the create menu: Doesn't seem weird until you see that topic is near the top on mine and 3rd from bottom here. I figure, well maybe it's the way they are ordered in my ACP, which is accurate but that will lead me to my final point about being able to order databases. I believe it's ordering pages databases (incorrectly) by database ID as Newsletter and Bugs are 12 and 13 which means it's trying to do it correctly but it's doing it wrong. Okay! so continuing to my next point, the create menu is NOT the same as the profiles. You'd think that they were similar or would have the same order to them but they don't. (Note I'm talking about the "See All activity" area where you can sort by content): Seems decent enough right? But you'll note that the order of the pages databases are different. I think (from what I know of my databases) that it's listing them in ID order so Guides is one, directory I believe is 3, Exchange is 6 etc. Now the last point about the ordering and things is that in the ACP it lists your databases alphabetically so there is no way to list order or choose how they show up across the site to get at least a form of symmetry for them. My proposed request(s): A way to order Pages databases in the ACP so that you can prioritize them in the Create Menu as well as in the profiles. OR List them the same in both places (alphabetically or based on Database ID). OR (and this is my favorite) Give me an extra level of control? The ability to control the Create menu similar to the standard menu (including leaving certain create features out) and the ability to order the profiles to show important things different from one menu to the other in your own custom design.
  13. I feel this is an oversight when the record feed widget was made, but you should be able to filter records by category (or "all") like other places have the option to. In the screenshot below, the only filter options are generic database things that don't help with what I'm trying to accomplish; the other options include the generic "pinned," "featured," etc filters. The database 'Server Rules' has categories for each game server we host so I'd like to have "Game A" rules on one page, while I have "Game B" rules on another.
  14. Hello team, please add the feature of related fields with dependencies in a future release. It would be a great step to have this essential db feature. i.e. I have a manufacturer field (related to db1) and a model field (related to db2). The available entries for the model field depend on the chosen entry of the manufacturer field.
  15. I don't understand why Administrators have additional features when creating records such as 'Featured', 'Locked', 'Hidden', featured image, etc. but other member groups who have writing and editing permissions don't. It would be good to have these added to the permissions section so that we don't have to make these users administrators just so they can access them.
  16. Trying to create a Custom Block, using the Image Feed plugin from the Gallery. When I use the "default" Image Feed on my homepage it works great. When I try and use a Custom Block it does not work at all. I am sure it is not the settings either, all seems fine. (see attached)
  17. How to extract exact content from some pages with ips.ui.hovercard ? I have tried but no success :/
  18. Hi, in pages url contain category and subcategory (if exist). So, my last article is this: /homepage/computer-tecnologia/internet-telefonia-provider-adsl/come-superare-il-blocco-verso-i-siti-di-scommesse-online-r33/ i glad, if is possible, to remove category part and maintain just title eg: /homepage/internet-telefonia-provider-adsl/come-superare-il-blocco-verso-i-siti-di-scommesse-online-r33/ but i cannot found any setting for this. url work also with: /homepage/anychars-r33/ but make redirect to full link with categories. and no setting for Pages in "Advanced, Friendly URLs". thanks in advace, S.N.
  19. Does anybody know of any walkthrough for noobs to do an article system like it was in the IPB 3 of Pages? I converted to 4 and it totally gone, I'm not really how I can get it fixed.
  20. I was creating custom template logic to display a field, and I had a slight syntax error. When submitting the template code I just got the following... decidedly unhelpful error: At which point my template code was promptly thrown out. I'd expect to see an AJAX error, at the very least something like "Syntax error" on the same edit page with my code still intact. Can we get something a little more user friendly here? I mean, I'd like to see a big push for IPS developers to make more useful error messages throughout the suite, but at the very least Pages should have useful errors since it's developer focused. Thanks.
  21. I'm having a baffling issue with Pages. I have been working on migrating my v3.x forum suite to v4.x, and my Pages content carried over horribly. I originally had articles as my home page which would display community news, and I would use the old "teaser" paragraph as what the main page created would show. Only if it were clicked would it show more. What's killing me here is my old "teaser" content sometimes had URL's embedded in text. For some reason, in IPB4 I cannot get Pages to show hyperlinks unless an article is actually clicked, thereby making for a very odd news page. As an example, something that should appear like this: A new product was released today.... Now appears like this: A new product was released today... (note no hyperlink for the word "released"). Only when the article title is clicked to read more do the hyperlinks finally show. What am I missing here? Seems rather crucial!
  22. Actually, when users submit new contents, we accept it and publish it. But, if users want to modified their contents, how can we do to re-approved it after they are publicate ? (Sorry for this bad english)
  23. This may be done multilingual in case of 2 or more languages in the system. Page Title Meta Keywords Meta Description
  24. Hi! Atm article system, when you put image as "Choose single file" (article image), this put as "thumbnails" and isn't possible to enlarge (not click-able). Cause of this, in ftp remain more useless images (only thumbnails will be used in articles). I think a simple "click to enlarge" can be a best way to work for article system regards...
  25. It would be nice to put an input "time" for any databases with timer like "hh:mm". It would be pretty useful for cooking time... for example ^^
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