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Please add "All Content" menus in Followed and Reputation


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Would be nice to have All Content (catch-all) available (and set to default) for Manage Followed Content and Reputation Activity (like it does already for our Activity on our profile, I believe it is the same menu, possibly an oversight?) 



But please add to:



With rep since it defaults to status, it can look like there is 0 reputation, even more so on mobile since the menu is collapsed.

An example of it causing problems: I just went to a profile of a user with reputation (1). I have to go through the entire menu to find the content item.



Side note: Reputation Activity is hidden, clicking the green box to get to it is not very intuitive.


Also please add here:



Thanks! :) 

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Any chance on this? :) Reading Like activity one by one in the app menu is awkward at best. That's why streams are so great they are a catch-all. And please add Likes Given/Received sort like 3.4.

As noted "All Content" would be really helpful in Followed Content as well.

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