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Request: can some logic be moved around in the charts?


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I'm working with \IPS\Helpers\Chart for the first time. First of all, let me start by saying that this. Is. Awesome. :) Seriously, I love this piece.

I just have one teeny tiny problem.

We have regular charts, which are nice. We have dynamic charts, which are incredibly amazingly cool. I want to use the dynamic charts because this is exactly what my client is looking for. However, the dynamic charts appear to be heavily reliant on dates.... and the data that I'm working with doesn't have a date at all.

Can we either:

1. Make the date parts optional
2. Move filtering into the standard charts?

The idea is to allow us to filter the data by anything we want, which the dynamic charts already allow... as long as I have a date with it. Which I don't. :(

For now I'm going to have to either create my own chart type or build my own header area and JS, just to accomplish the same thing. Seems like a waste.

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I agree - originally Dynamic charts was just for accommodating showing different date ranges so it was designed very much with dates in mind.

It's not something we can just quickly change though as it would break existing uses. I'll move this over to feedback.

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