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How To Create Identical Copy Of My Forum


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I have my forum installed at the address:


Now I need to make an identical copy, with all my existing settings and code changes to:


And then I need to change the license key to TESTINSTALL.

How would I do this in cPanel? Can I just copy the database & all the files in the /forum/ folder?

I assume there would have to be changes made inside the files themselves or the database. Can you help identify the stuff that would have to change like database username, database password, database paths, etc?


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Just above this post is a pinned topic. This should answer your questions regarding a duplicate test site.


You'll want to copy all the files from the live site into your forum-test folder.

Make the duplicate of the database (explained in the above link) this would be done by PHPMyAdmin, then edit the config file to change the database and change the links to point to the test site.

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