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Converter redirects broken after upgrade to IPS4


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I'll try and keep it simple. This post is mostly for @Ryan Ashbrook, but other IPS staff should be aware - @Lindy, etc :

  • The old IPB 3.X converters had redirect scripts that would forward old vBulletin, etc. links to the new Invision URLs.
  • This is VERY good for SEO and good for users still being able to find old content via old links!
  • These redirect scripts break when updating to IPS4 - they return an error about "Invalid IPB Path" - I wouldn't expect them to work, since IPS4 is a rewrite
  • Nevertheless, this means TONS of links will be broken for those who converted to IPB3 from large forums and then upgraded to IPS4... and right now there's no solution that I'm aware of, nor is there any warning that this will happen

To me, this is a pretty serious oversight/problem - literally thousands of 404/500 errors & terrible for SEO as well.

I understand that the IPS4 converters are still in beta, but the redirect scripts serve a somewhat different purpose and really need to be considered & supported...

Please forgive me if this has been reported elsewhere - I couldn't find it.

Would really appreciate updated redirect scripts that work with IPS4.X.

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