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Problems with paypal

Stan Jensen

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When I put the code I have been using for years, from paypal for donations and securing donations, I end up having this problem.

When people click on it, it tries to split it, and nothing happens..

try it here, http://clubadventist.com/forums/topic/63828-year-end-donations/

When I did the last upgrade, every new post was a poll, and I called in IPS and they fixed that.

that is why I am suspicious that it is not the paypal code, unless others are getting that error.

IPS says no, it is a paypal issue...  there is nothing I can find in the code to split it, and why would it????



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Stan, I have a ticket in due to a number of issues with Nexus. One of the, does involve PayPal, but in my case I don't do split payments, it's on physical sale. The work around for me was to remove the members nexus address, so upon check out they need to renter their address, this works around the PayPal issue for me, but I have no idea if it's the same for you.

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