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Pages - thank you!


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Dear IPS team,

i have upgraded now from 3.4.7 -> 4.1x and the pages app is great, much more possibilities than ip.content and the acp part is very good!

but please offer here a docu i find lot of things after hours of playing around - there is so much behind the big menu points where you do not anticipate that there is so much more.

also the changes simple page creating is good - very good idea was the page builder (!) i cannot use it at the moment regarding upgrade script issues but i think support will fix this soon after weekend break

in total a very good way with this app! 

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38 minutes ago, GoAncestry said:

Awesome, Pages is a major application for us.  I am hoping to get the most out of it.

++++ 100% 

Pages is for me the main app what has a great potential - i try to play around now more with databases and have already created some ....  maybe not good for 3rd party offers but you can realize a lot by your own & need no additional apps & everything is clean ips apps ;)


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