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[IP.Core] Search Album Titles in IP.Gallery

Joel R

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One of my users brought to my attention the inability to search album titles in IP.Gallery.

This is  problematic for a well-ordered gallery as the image titles often mimic the filenames (or the IPS-version of the image names), which are often a string of random letters and numbers.  However, the album title is always appropriately named with the subject matter, and should serve as a rich source of indexing for searching.  Album titles are what users remember, not the specific image name when there are many similar images grouped under the same album.  


This concept is akin to not being able to search topic titles in IP.Board, and it's a problem that affects both IP.Gallery and IP.Downloads.  


Also, please don't tell me to edit image titles on every image before saving as a workaround.  I'm wholly uninterested in pursuing that workaround since it's not feasible on a large gallery like mine and IPS doesn't offer a batch utility to add image titles like a competing software's Media Gallery.  On the other hand, if someone from IPS is willing to edit the individual titles of all existing images in my IP.Gallery (currently at 92,000) then I might consider editing titles myself moving forward.  I hope that explains the magnitude of the problem with a real-world scenario.  

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I think the easiest solution would be for you to edit the titles for each image. 


I kid. :) I've logged it to get more information and see what we can do. As a general rule throughout the suite, we of course only search content items - not their parents. Obviously Gallery has a bit of a different use case and I know I don't take the time to title each image individually either. I can't promise a quick point release implementation fix as it may require altering the search index, but I'll see what the developers say and report back. 

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