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Amazon S3 Uploading Issue

Ioannis D

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Hi all,

I've spend my half day today to understand how to set up an Amazon S3 account to work with my attachments and files from IP.Downloads, I don't know if everything it's ok because when I want to upload an attachment it appears a message about time out.


In Downloads the file seems to be uploaded but after hit the submit there is an error.


In Amazon S3 console these 2 files are in the bucket and I don't know why they are in.


Does anyone knows what can I do?

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Test files are uploaded when you set the configuration, but they should be deleted at the same time.

As for "peration time out" issue, that's because your server fail to get responses from Amazon S3 within a period of time....actually I think IPS should increase the timeout limit, but they didn't accept long before.

There seems to be bugs with Amazon, and I am waiting for IPS to fix them.

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