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  1. I second the post above. It is thoroughly annoying.
  2. I have tried with several of the web services.
  3. My image thumbnails are appearing on the individual pages, but not as thumbnails on the links main page. Is there a setting somewhere I am missing or ...? http://mycomap.com/links
  4. I mean types of extra fields I believe. I have a number of field types that were specifically build for Pages. They are not typically propagated into the field type options for other apps unless the Dev specifically chooses to bring them in.
  5. For custom fields, custom Field Types that were created in Pages are not included in the dropdown options.
  6. For the custom fields in this app, does it allow an admin to select from custom Pages fields for users when adding a new video record?
  7. This app allows for custom fields to be created with the links. Do the custom field options allow for custom fields that were built in Pages to be utilized in the options?
  8. Yes, as a user group invitation. Understood it is not on the dev agenda.
  9. We are talking about slightly different things. I am echoing the suggestion to allow invitations to be sent to current members, which would allow current members to be promoted to the new specified primary group. You had mentioned in the past that current member invites were not on the agenda. But I just wanted to mention that I would also find it very useful.
  10. I would echo the member group feature that was suggested early on. Currently if an email is already registered, then it disallows an invitation from being sent. It would be nice to allow an invitation to still be sent to those email addresses, and it would promote to the specified primary member group upon acceptance.
  11. Correct. I am currently playing around with it.
  12. A couple of quick questions, Does this incorporate any custom fields that a user may have previously made for IPS as options to include? Edit: Documentation says "All custom field types are available, but they are not appearing in my list when adding a field. With a custom gallery field being included for an image as an example, what database table would it store the new field data in for the image? Would it have options to add fields for albums as well as images with gallery? If I wanted to add custom fields to gallery, as an example, there are currently
  13. Could you put a section that contains YouTube videos into your demo? Also the latest release says" Better way to get thumbnails from youtube/vimeo. Can you describe this more? Sorry if I missed it in this thread.
  14. I have found all of this to be an issue as well. There is not a notification of these limits on the frontend, nor a way to alter them in the backend that I have found.
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