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Activity Streams: Content From Specific Groups


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The new activity streams feature is looking great and I can't wait to put it into use!

However, I noticed that while it can filter content to show only specific users, it doesn't have an option to show content from certain groups.  An additional option to only use content created while the user is/was actually in the group would be nice, too.

Alternatively, when content highlights are eventually added, the ability to create activity streams for certain highlights would be a good way for me to achieve my goal as well.  (I want to show developer posts for a game, and not every single post is relevant to the entire community.)

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Ah hah! I thought I read this somewhere else as well.

@charles, having this built in would be absolutely outstanding.  We have a custom app that provides a similar function for our site for our custom app.  It would make our app much easier to maintain if we could just use the activity streams feature of 4.1.  

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