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My content and preview button IPB 4


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Two things my members are missing and still get questions about very often over 1 month after the upgrade, is that they miss the My content link/function from 3.4. My activity is not a replacement for that.

So they now have to use my content and filters to get the same functionality. That is not a good solution because they have to go back and forth.

Also the preview post button we want back. Many members post up to hundred of images using example a url list from photobucket and the preview image function does not work then. To add the pictures one by one using the other media button takes to long time.  

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hmm does not work on my site.

Should work the same as with embedded content (YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud …). 
You just post the URL on a single line, hit enter, and the editor will try to connect to the site and load the content directly into the editor. 

Testing this with Photobucket now …



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