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  1. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Norwegian car detailing forum using Ip.pages with some custom databases for paint and Self Serve Wash locations. Also using Commerce for Club Shop merchandise and paid membership https://www.detailersclub.no
  2. (BIM41) Quick Search

    PM sent.
  3. (BIM41) Quick Search

    Possible this is a server config error but quick search have some issue with some searches on my site. Example Audi A4. BMW M3, BMW M4 etc does not get any results on this plug in. But when search using IPS search I get results. Some other words like Tesla P8 and Tesla P85, P85D etc does work. Dont see why Tesla P8 works but not Audi A4? Minimum characters to search is set to 3 but have tried 2 with same results. https://www.detailersclub.no/forums/
  4. (BIM41) Quick Search

    Downloaded now. Thanks
  5. (BIM41) Quick Search

    I get File not found error on latet version when I try to download
  6. The imageproxy feature should resize/optimize images like the build image uploader does. We have many users that uploads images that are 4-5mb each, so we have topics with 200-500MB with images total. So the space is used up fast and its very slow to load.
  7. Minimized Quote

    Great plugin
  8. SSL Image Proxy

    Only the proxy function that is build in? Is the function smart so it does only take images that is not available as https? The only function from SSL Image Proxy I did use was so it does redirect images to https if url source support it, if not host on proxy. On my site its 500++ gb of images so to download all images will make web hosting way to expensive for us. And when 95% of image hosting support https I dont see why to download everything.
  9. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Load speed over 1 sec is slow I have not used much time on chasing scores in optimization tests. My site is optimized for 1. user experience 2. real life load time Server optimizations and only SSD for storage is good for site loading and handling traffic.
  10. What is IPS stand towards the travelban?

    Yes they are immigrants from one of the 7 Muslims countries so they are "Norwegians" I don't care if IPS is for or against the travel ban, they don't have to take any official stand. This post is just stupid as people working at IPS also have different political views. Many people including Norwegians I know supports Trumps politics so its not like everyone agree on this.
  11. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Norwegian car detailing site. Using pages, forums and commerce https://www.detailersclub.no/forums/
  12. SSL Image Proxy

    My rebuild task is also stuck. Tried to restart it a few times but still stops the same place. Dont look like the developer is active any more on the IPS forums.
  13. I hope it will be a fix before 4.1.17 if it s not released today or tomorrow Our members are not happy about this bug as they do switch between pc, phones and tablets very often.
  14. SSL Image Proxy

    I have some issues using the sslimageproxy_queue_rebuild_urls.php to rebuild old post/images. It does start ok, but after awhile on 4.88%it does stop on forums_post (25657) with this error: SQL server has gone away. When I try to run again it run a few more but then stops again. Any idea how to fix?
  15. I did submit a ticket a few days ago 966207