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Hi, I am upgrading my second IPB from 3.8 to 4.0. The first upgrade went fine with no errors. The second site is giving this error half way through. I would appreciatee it if anyone can give me advice what to do.


Fatal error: Class 'IPS\cms\Records\Comment' not found in /home/USERNAME/public_html/content/applications/core/setup/upg_40000/upgrade.php on line 1781

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This is a real irritating reply I get from support:


In order to ensure fair support to our live clients, we do not support test installs at this time. I would suggest that as you have managed this with no problems on one site that you attempt this conversion again. Looking at the message above it looks like some of the files may not have uploaded correctly, or become corrupt in the process."

They tell us to do upgrades first on a test install. But then tell us they wont give us support if it goes wrong because its not a live install. So they want me to do an upgrade on a live install on my site, break it, and then ask them to provide support while I am getting tens of thousands of visitors not reaching the site and getting error messages.

Do they even realize if you do an upgrade on a live site with tens of thousands of visitors you will likely kill your entire server as the table gets locked and thousands of back connections start pending till you cross mysql max connections limit. Then all sites on the server are dead while you wait days for a large table to update. I did it before and thats what happened.

What type of support reply is this? They just dropped my invision love level from above 9,000 to a 3 out of 10. Not good customer relations.


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