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Post anonymously Topics or Files


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I am interested in being able to post either a topic (first post only) or a file (download) anonymously, in the beginning, and later having a mod change it to the true poster.

Is that possible? I know that in 3.x there was a plugin for topics/posts only but not maintained anymore.

This is needed because we are conducting contests and we don;t want members to know who posted what and later we reveal the true poster.


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I've provided a more detailed reply to you in my support topic. Short version is that I started proper work on it this week and that I feel close to releasing the IPS 4 version, that will do nearly all the things it did in 3.4.

However I don't have any time available to make this plugin do more than what I need it to do myself, but I do like your idea on it's usage.

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