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  1. I don't know if you know the site https://gumroad.com/, but I'm going to use it as an example of what I would like to have as an option for files in the suite. In that site you are allowed to specify a minimum purchase price for your products. So lets say that I put something for sale at a minimum price of $5, people can buy it for that amount, or they can pay more if they wish. Now, what's more interesting here is that you can set free files, setting the minimum price to 0, but people can still choose to give you some money for it, kind of like a tip. This is one of my products: People can input 0 in the box and get the file right away, or they can input whatever amount they feel like. I'm not gonna reveal any numbers, but this system kinda works, people tips more than I expected for free files.
  2. I'm waiting for my current batch of files to be uploaded to IP.Downloads, so I thought I would offer some general feedback in no particular order to encompass all aspects of IP.Download. Before I begin my feedback, I want to explain that I consider myself a "mega-user" of IP.Downloads, in that I have the arduous task of rebuilding my entire collection of files in v4 ... all 50,000 of them ... which means that I care about the efficient management of files on a large-scale basis. A lack of certain features that may be tolerable when managing only a handful of files at a time get exacerbated when dealing with hundreds of files at once, and certain problems become more apparent. 1. Categories Widget on Sidebar - I've only created seven initial categories, yet I can already foresee how the Categories Widget isn't designed to handle a large directory structure. I would much rather prefer a tree-type of category, which can be expanded or closed as needed. Furthermore, showing the first 5 sub-categories is unnecessary, when that space can be used to show other top-level categories. 2. Empty Categories - When you have a category that doesn't allow uploads, it shows the category as blank. Even though there are hundreds of files in sub-categories! I'd like to make the suggestion that was already implemented in v3: if a category doesn't allow direct uploads, show files from its sub-categories. 3. Uploading Multiple Files - I thought the process was different, based upon my recollection from the previews and betas ... I thought I could add descriptions and screenshots while files are being uploaded. The current process requires me to wait for all files to be uploaded. 4. Uploading Multiple Files via FTP - This was a lifesaver to me in v3, and I hope it will be brought back. Because I ain't got time to babysit file uploading ... especially when it's fifty thousand files. Sweet Brown has as many hours in the day as me: Not Enough. 5. Cancel File while Uploading - There are certain instances during the batch uploading process when I need to delete a specific file (eg. wrong file, mistake on file). There's no way for me to stop or cancel a file or the upload process. This would be a great option for all batch uploading (eg. IP.Gallery)! 6. Editing Multiple Files - Not sure if this is possible but an auto-save as I progress through the files would be nice. There have instances (keep reading) where I've had to refresh the page ... which causes all data to be erased! And then I scream choice words and expletives at the software, throw keyboard out the window, try to /wrist as I've had to redo the descriptions multiple times already, etc. 7. Highlight Screenshot field - This is so minor but this could be a life-saver for me (literally, see #6). What happens is that I drag the image over, and then accidentally plop it somewhere else on the page which causes Chrome to upload the file ... and wipe out any data in the descriptions. (In my defense, I'm trying to edit dozens of files as fast as possible.) It would be nice to see a visual cue in the Screenshot field to better help me point-and-aim correctly. I'm a guy. I can't help it. That's all the feedback for right now ... until my next batch upload ...
  3. Let's say I have the "Trees" category, and in "Trees" I use the subcategories "Cedar", "Birch" and "Ash" to upload files. I would like to be able to browse all the items in these subcategories at once when I browse to the category "Trees". I could add them all to Trees and that's it, but I'd like to have a bit of organization, that's why I also use subcategories. Maybe add a setting to parent categories to show all items in their child categories? I think that is implemented in Pages.
  4. I just recently started using downloads with 4.1, have had it on IPS 3 for a while. There are a few things that I think would make it a little more robust: 1. Allow screenshot edits without adding a new file version. 2. Ability to completely shut off file versioning and go back and remove per record in edit mode. 3. Ability to remove moderator group from file approvals, have a permission setting. 4. Ability to change default "no screenshot uploaded" image in settings and add multiple default screenshots per file type; .pdf, .word, image, etc. 5. Edit details should have the file(s), screenshots, links and all content associated with the upload. To change the file, add links to files, screenshots, you currently have to add a new version. 6. Quick edit title like tags. (may be coming in a later version, not sure) 7. Option to not show version number in file title. 8. Incorporate something like http://viewerjs.org/ for file viewing within page in a small window. Just some ideas.
  5. . Can there please be a change in displaying "FREE" instead of 0.00 USD (or other currency) in store products & in downloads with associated store products .. In Downloads there is already a choice to set it to "FREE" .. why not do an effort to get things right in store .. And yes the purchase price can be 0.00 USD but a renewal can be set .. So before "FREE" is valid .. please IF THEN ELSE = no renewals It is just a display feature .. .
  6. Hello, I can't find in ACP a way to hide files feed from guests in sidebar and a way to set a group to add files only from URL and not via attachment in Downloads app. Is it possible to set these settings?
  7. The downloads section has a lot of room for mobile friendliness improvement. Here on ips, this plage is frequented by us, the members mostly on pc's and laptops, due to the possible need to download a file and install some plugins, this section can be easily overlooked. In fact it's very useful for my community as i'm not serving files as plugins but rather pdf's which are definitely a format that any handheld device can handle. So please, update the css files to be both more mobile and eye friendly.
  8. Hi Guys, I see there is beeing done allot to the updating on the IPS 4. But is there not a way u guys can make upgrade packages... that we only upgrade the files to our board with the files that is been modifyd and not all files. Or you guys modify so much files that the whole upgrade/install package need to be uploaded to the server....
  9. I need to hook into Downloads settings form (.../applications\downloads\modules\admin\downloads/settings.php) to update a hook but I can't because it isn't returning the form itself: ... \IPS\Output::i()->title = \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->addToStack('settings'); \IPS\Output::i()->output = $form; } It should return $form. Due to that, I got the error: It was like that on Forums app too but it was changed in early days of 4.0 at requests. Thank you.
  10. I think best idea special Button "Add new product" in Store main window. This button shown only for sellers.
  11. I create category, under category create subcategory. Add files with screenshot in subcategory. In category this file not shown. Why?
  12. I really like the idea of the Activity Streams, so I thought I'd make a custom Activity Stream here to test it out - I always want to know what's new with Marketplace items, so I created a stream based around that: Showing files in Utilities and Stats, Developer Resources, Member Extensions, Staff Extensions, Fields, Social Experience, Multimedia, Bridges and Integration, Commerce and Blocks and Widgets posted since my last visit. Thing is, I've had it running for a week+ now, and every time I visit, it says there is nothing new - I checked, and there have been new items added to the Marketplace within the last week, so obviously I have something set incorrectly, or it's not working as expected. Here's the other options I have set for the stream:
  13. Hello all I wonder if this Mail Advanced Icons is also updated to 4.0 regards Gerard
  14. So I set the max upload on my server to 50mb and uploading files of 50mb works just fine, however, if I try to upload several files(that I believe equal over 50mb altogether) after submitting the page it'll take a while to load and then just show a white screen. I believe this is either being caused by NGINX's keepalive not being long enough or that IPDownloads is trying to submit all the files as one combined one?
  15. Our Downloads section seems to be acting oddly. In the file description post (for example, HERE) we have CAD plans of guitar designs for download. The written description has an uploaded image which is embedded in the middle of the post. After editing three of these posts, these upload/embeds all seem to be linked for no apparent reason. In the link shown, the correct image is mid-post. Great. However, below the body of the post (after the CC licence) a second image is shown as an uninserted upload. This image was actually uploaded as part of another file's description. Specifically, this one. To make issues even more frustrating, editing the first post and removing the extraneous embedded images deletes it from the second post. Why are these documents stepping on each other's toes and pushing embeds into each other?
  16. In Downloads, you can add your own custom fields (ACP -> Downloads -> Extra Fields). However, only "text" field types can be given search behavior... which really limits the usefulness of having extra fields.. Please allow check boxes, radio groups, and other selectors to also be searchable. This allows for items to be much more infinitely organized when uploaders are required to select from a predefined drop-list or checkbox list to further describe their item, and then it allows users to directly search for these values.
  17. Is it possible to search for any file by using Sphinx? E.g. searching for '*' would result in all files being shown to the user? Bonus question: can the inbuilt search be coerced to do so? Thanks!
  18. when you have multiple files attached to a Download its' not obvious which file is the most "current" and there isn't much to prevent the filename to being identical of different attachments. What we need is a highlight on the CURRENT file at the top and then a list of "older files" all of these files need to include the Date Uploaded and the "version number" if provided.
  19. Now we have our 4.0 beta site up and running, we love it. We just need to iron out a few kinks, and one of them is the file downloads seemed to be broken. I have ran the support function and upgraded to the latest 4.0.9 version, I have rebuilt all, and the files are still broken, they are on our server, but they can not be downloaded. For example, if you go to http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/beta/files/file/19-how-to-build-a-lawn-chair/ and try to download you'll see the error we are seeing. Has anyone else experience this after upgrade, and if so, how did you cure this? Thanks for any help. Here is the same file on our live 3.4 site http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/files/file/19-how-to-build-a-lawn-chair/ and it works fine. UPDATE: Upon further investigation it appears permissions are set kind of crazy I think, I am not sure if this is normal, please see screen captures. The first capture is our monthly uploads, each month has different permissions. The next screen capture shows the files for the month of June or monthly_06_2015 This may be unrelated, but it seems strange that each month has different permissions, and some files have different permissions. That being said, I checked our live site and the file downloads are showing the same permissions, yet they are linking fine.
  20. Like the tital says i need help i put a support ticket in nearly 24 hours ago had not reply, I have followed these step,s for download link but there is no download link, You can download your software from the client area. Once logged in, select "Purchases" from the left-side menu and then click on your license and then on the "Download IPS Community Suite" button. Choose which add-ons you would like to install and then click the "Download" button. I have followed these instruction but no download link could someone from the staff team please help or someone from the community, as im stuck now till i get a reply and link many thanks in advance to the people that reply
  21. Hi, I am interested in being able to post either a topic (first post only) or a file (download) anonymously, in the beginning, and later having a mod change it to the true poster. Is that possible? I know that in 3.x there was a plugin for topics/posts only but not maintained anymore. This is needed because we are conducting contests and we don;t want members to know who posted what and later we reveal the true poster. thanks
  22. OK I thought about this seeing as file submitters can download there own files they get the ability to post a "review" on files they have uploaded. What if submitter could post a reply to reviews that are given to the files. This would allow the submitter to ether explain things to other members that might want to download the file
  23. As I'm developing some of my site to grow into a lot of the features on IPB4 I find there are IP.Content and default blocks that are significantly lacking. Specifically the below features: Random (Please return it, I really don't want to do the PHP to pull a random feed if I can help it, it was amazing to have that option in the "order by" previously. Featured Content - Right now the only block that you can build using the "featured" filter is for the forums even though you can feature content throughout the site, it would be awesome if this was universal across all platforms that have featured abilities. For example, the featured Downloads block already exists but only on the main Downloads page, it would be nice if that was ported to be able to be implemented anywhere. This can be said for any other IPS app that isn't a custom database. Image slider - It existed in the previous version, even had an IP Content block that worked with this and that feature is gone even though sliders are available (example downloads....) Ability to customize content feeds - You have it functioning for Topics but no other app has the ability to filter this, I think this sort of goes in hand with featured. Currently I'm working on a page that is "What's new at DF" or my site as it were where it's just a slew of featured content and recent topics from around my site on a single page. It would really be awesome if it were native rather than building custom content blocks. These feeds aren't even available in IP.Content to filter through else I wouldn't even be posting this.
  24. I would love to see statistics in admin cp about which files have been downloaded most often.
  25. Sorry if these questions were asked before, but I couldn't find anything. I'm trying to fetch 10 files from each download category ID by modifying my templates. I found some reference in recentFiles template, but the $files variable is already passed to this widget with the data.{{if count( $files )}} {{foreach $files as $file}} {template="fileRow" group="widgets" app="downloads" params="$file, $orientation"} {{endforeach}} {{else}} no files {{endif}} So question is, how do I populate $files variable with files from specific category? When browsing category parent, I see 'No files in this category yet.' message. I'm treating parent categories as containers, I'm not planning to add any files there (files will be added to children only). So I'm wondering, is there any way to show files in parent category from children categories instead? How to disable default value for file VERSION? ​Thanks!
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