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  1. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/myisam-storage-engine.html It will take years before they completely phase out MyISAM but the plans are in the works.
  2. Should you not promote them to admin but rather to a completely different user group of your own making? For example, a shop user group
  3. Com Net Org Info If all 4 are not available I find it best that I not buy the domain name. Anything else is just a bonus (for example: biz, co, me, fr, de, uk, us, eu, jp, xyz, asia ).
  4. I'm very pleased to discover that the status for this has been changed to planned for a future update or release. I love it when the development is willing to accept new ideas
  5. Soon please. Your true competition is not the other dozen or so forum developments that I could name today. No, rather you're competing against social media (Facebook) and search engines such as Google or Bing, which many members turn toward and often find what they're looking for elsewhere. The one 1 thing every forum development keeps pushing off and ignoring is search. And it is the 1 thing making it easier for folks to look elsewhere. And today, even social media understands the importance of having a user-friendly search engine.
  6. There is also a competing forum software that already has the function (WoltLab Burning Board). I would like to see IPB adopt this as well.
  7. I really do love this idea. It gives a nice personal touch, while also resolving the dull look caused when a member joins without an avatar. 2 bids with 1 simple stone. I like it a lot.
  8. I firmly stand by my choice in voting for Jill Stein. I knew she would not win, but I think it is foolish to vote based upon how everyone else may or may not vote. You should only vote for the person you think would do better out of the choices available. Sadly, for this election, the choices available were not good, to begin with, and like many Americans, I could have used either more choices or better choices (preferably both). This all said and done, Donald Trump would have been my 2nd choice if I had no alternative. Mostly because he was an outsider and not p
  9. Hello and welcome to Invision Power Board. Support is reserved for customers only, so you'll need to associate your user account and post this in the customer support forum.
  10. Today is election day and while it may be entertaining to rant about your belief, anonymously, on The Internet; it can never truly be a substitute for the importance of taking real life action. So I would remind everyone who is of age and who is registered, to please take a moment out of your day, step away from the computer, and stand by your convictions and go vote !!
  11. I think we all plan on voting 'smart' in our own little way. Thank God for the freedom of choice and the right to pick (or not pick) the person of our choosing, as well thank the many brave men & women who have made the ultimate sacrifice, throughout our history, so that we may freely do so.
  12. Our country was founded on the belief that everyone has the right to freely vote for whoever they wish, no matter what their own personal reasoning for doing so. With so many people discouraged from voting or disenfranchised of the thought of voting, I think it's important that we appreciate the people who still have not given up and who take the time and effort to vote. I do not need to know who you voted for in order to appreciate that someone voted.
  13. No matter who you voted for, thank you for voting.
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