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  1. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/myisam-storage-engine.html It will take years before they completely phase out MyISAM but the plans are in the works.
  2. Should you not promote them to admin but rather to a completely different user group of your own making? For example, a shop user group
  3. I'm very pleased to discover that the status for this has been changed to planned for a future update or release. I love it when the development is willing to accept new ideas
  4. Soon please. Your true competition is not the other dozen or so forum developments that I could name today. No, rather you're competing against social media (Facebook) and search engines such as Google or Bing, which many members turn toward and often find what they're looking for elsewhere. The one 1 thing every forum development keeps pushing off and ignoring is search. And it is the 1 thing making it easier for folks to look elsewhere. And today, even social media understands the importance of having a user-friendly search engine.
  5. There is also a competing forum software that already has the function (WoltLab Burning Board). I would like to see IPB adopt this as well.
  6. I really do love this idea. It gives a nice personal touch, while also resolving the dull look caused when a member joins without an avatar. 2 bids with 1 simple stone. I like it a lot.
  7. I would like to point out that since the removal of the member page the personalized spam has dropped dramatically. I am personally thankful that there is no members list in IPB. Likewise, I take great steps to remove it on the other developments I use with similar results.
  8. we are about to start the migration from Vbulletin 3.x to IPS 4.1. How did you begin the process? any tip will be highly appreciated.



  9. 4.1 has a bit of learning curve at first, but overall I am satisfied with Invision Power Board 4.1.x My only concern is the editor. CKeditor is not mobile friendly and looking at the tracker, you are running into a lot of the same bugs as found on any CKeditor website. I think Redactor would have been a much wiser move in my opinion. Beyond this point, I find no other issue with IPB 4.1 and it was nice to migrate one of my old vBulletin 3 sites to IPB 4.1 ?
  10. I personally am thankful that I have not run into this issue. But if true, I would say the OP's 1st post is valid. I've learned the value of holding off from updating my live site and do bug report from my DEV site.
  11. Invision Power Board 4.1 is good

  12. I look forward to seeing CKEditor 4.5 applied to IPB. But I also hope that IPS will keep an open mind and if it does not work out as planned, that Redactor as promised earlier would be considered.
  13. I agree. It was a lot easier for me to know if someone was using their profile as a spam outlet.
  14. I am very happy to hear you announce this @Lindy As you know and I am confident you are well aware, mobile device use is fastly growing to become the standard norm. And I am very happy that IPS is looking to take steps to better optimize IPB for mobile devices. I am however concerned with CKEditor's foot print size. It is of course true on the admin / server side in the terms of bandwidth cost, but there is also the growing cost of data usage with mobile devices. Something I never thought end users would ever think of until recently. Speed can be dramatically impacted by file size and when comparing CKEditor with Redactor, the difference is something easily noticed on all counts. I look forward to seeing the new updated CKEditor and I'm thankful that IPS has been working tirelessly to resolve the current issues. I am also thankful to know that IPS is willing to consider the possibility of moving to a better editor to better serve their customers.
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