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[This site] Seach performance is awfully bad


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Plus in my opinion the default result order should be by date not relevancy.

Oh man I suggested that when I first saw it. Getting results from 2005 because the algorithms determine it is relevant is so irrelevant lol. On a technology site the most recent is almost always the most relevant.

There is a plug-in: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7350-search-results-sort-by-default-to-date/


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"automatic limiting based on date default (set by admin) with easy toggle to remove limit"

I take this to mean we can set Date as default, and when we do, we can limit the search depth. I hope I understood correctly. That would be good. (Though allowing the limit when Relevancy is default and they switch to Date should be added as well, but I didn't get that from the language. Would not affect me though. Will be using Date.)

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