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I've just installed the app. I am not gettin it to work, and so far i detected 2 bugs:

1) When i import an RSS feed, and i try to update it (import), i get an error

"2RSS002/1 It was not possible to get the item you are trying to see."

It happens to all the feeds. The feeds require no authentication. 

2) If i select authentication and save, if i edit the RSS again and de-select the authentication, it doesn't save that definition, so it keeps the authentication enabled forever.


Btw: it would be nice to have the following things in future upgrades, which i think are key:


a) The possibility of assigning each detected field of the entries of RSS feed to any custom field of the destination database
b) Possibility of reading only N characters from the RSS entry text.

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a) is indeed something I will be adding in due course. I'd like to avoid b) simply as reliably truncating html content without stripping it is highly complex.

1) I'm not able to reproduce, and by the exact error it's hitting a generic \Exception being thrown by the core on load... I'll need to take a look at your install to determine what the issue is, so please provide access details in our pm.

2) Hrmm. if a username or password for auth is present, that would be intended, clearing those fields would have auth disabled. Is there a use case for having the details input but auth disabled I'm not aware of, or is this just something that is counterintuitive in usage to you? If either is the case, I'll be happy to change the logic to honor the actual form field. 

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a) nice! :thumbsup:
b) I understand, but maybe truncate it at the previous white space next to the total character length?

1) ok

2) Well this does not bother me as all of the RSS feeds i get data from do not have any authentication, so i guess i'll never use it. I just found its behaviour a little bit odd. No problem.

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Hello, Robert.
I still bought your application, despite the fact that you denied me in testing.
So I ask you to answer some questions here.

  1. In the old version of the app - images is imported from the RSS in the forums, and in the Pages. How to do it in the current version IPSuite 4? For me it is crucial, if I knew, I would not have bought it.
  2. What is a folder dev?

Sorry, I am use Google translate.

P.S. I am asking you to write a clear manual for the installation and configuration of your application.

Thank you)


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Firstly, I must apologize, I used to offer a version for people to test, but quickly found that just enabled people to use the app without ever purchasing it, and have since discontinued doing this.

1. With all due respect, the 4.x listing specifically does not mention that feature, so I'm not certain why you expected it to be present. I didn't remove it 'just because', the potential for orphaned image files on client servers was immense with that feature, and there was no good way to 'fix' this, as the only available options amount to breaking old content. Posts and records made using the feature under 3.x will continue to function, however this feature will not likely make a return due to the above technical limitations, unfortunately. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

2. To be ignored unless you are a developer, it's the development files to allow other developers to modify the application. As an end user you would simply install the .tar file from your ACP under System > .Site Features > Applications.

Best Regards

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13 hours ago, Yurri said:

Have good news with IMAGES)

Robert which template for this table?


rss -> front -> feeds -> item.


is the actual 'content' of the feed item. You would most likely be served with custom.css tweaks in your skin as needed for the feeds that need it.... I make 0 assumptions about the contents of the feed, including embedded media, and simply accept what is given by the source feed.  To make assumptions about styling of the content would actually make things worse in that regard.

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3 hours ago, PrettyPixels said:

@Marcher Technologies - I'm interested in purchasing, but definitely need the images imported as well. I'm seeing conflicting information above on whether this is possible with this app.

Can you please clarify if this will also show images for RSS imported to a database?

It seems that feature removal has generated all kinds of confusion. The feature that was removed was the ability to provide a custom image *manually* in the ACP per feed to be used as the article image, or as the first part of the imported post. Actual images embedded in the feed itself will continue to import fine....

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On 5/20/2015 at 10:30 PM, Marcher Technologies said:

For anyone reading, 1) was a misconfiguration issue. Even if the database selected is configured to not use categories, you still need to select the category items get put into('Records' at default) due to the design of Pages in that regard.

I've put a release on the MP resolving this issue as well as updating for 4.1.x compatibility and dev packager integration.

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4 hours ago, Yurri said:

Hello Robert.

Trying install on 4.1.7. (IPSuite clean install)

Got this error

1S111/1 Illegal string offset 'real_app'


It seems that even though none of the actual code-level changes affect this app, something new was added in the packaging for release. I'll put an update up later today with it repackaged in 4.1.7. In the meantime, if you extract the .tar and upload the files normally, it should still install that way.

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