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  1. Forum Competition

    can anyone demo site?
  2. (DP42) Guest View Limits

    All good! But! What about search bots? Yadex.ru Google.com Yahoo.com Rambler.ru Mail.ru and other?
  3. Feeds

    This program can change standart RSSimport for create new topics for any RSS item? Where I can see works...? test admin panel?
  4. Birthday Greeter Support

    How I can change time to post PM and E-mail?
  5. - Where list of members? Why and where you hid members list? It requires very specialized in the areas. To be able to find anyone from any group.
  6. Birthday Greeter Support

    Smart quick tags allow you to send out birthday greetings with information such as Board Name, Member's Name and Age.
  7. Birthday Greeter Support

    hi! and can we get list of tags?
  8. Where Gallery SHARE links???

    I need send 50-100 images to 2-3 diff forums at time and copy&paste only BBcodes - very fast and good way
  9. Where Gallery SHARE links???

    ​and BBcode works on ALL boards! and we need it!
  10. Where Gallery SHARE links???

    not yet converted to image!
  11. Where Gallery SHARE links???

    sample http://jk-forum.ru/index.php?app=gallery&image=1926
  12. Where Gallery SHARE links???

    BB code is required to publish at the others Forums!
  13. Where Gallery SHARE links???

    ​where??? no^(