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Quick Gallery Question


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Does anyone know how to change the default Gallery - Category - SORT BY view from Album Title to Newest Image? I've been through the Gallery settings within the ACP but there doesn't seem to be an option.

Here's hoping.

Thanks in advance. 

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Thanks for the speedy reply, much appreciated.

I hadn't seen that setting, but I still have a problem.
Below are the settings for the Default category sort order, just 3 options, I have it set to 'Recently Updated'. I only have one Category so it's not like I'm getting them mixed up:


Below are the Sort by options within the the Category itself, there are now 5 options. I can of course change this order to whatever I want but it will always default back to 'Album Title' if I leave the Gallery and return later.


If I'm being dim, or there is something I'm missing, feel free to give me a clout :)

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