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I know 4.0 is not even done yet, but I always look ahead. And by ahead, I mean not just tomorrow, but next year.

I like what Invision has done with IP.Board 4, but with respects your editor is your bottleneck when it comes to speed.
This from someone who use to be a hardcore CKeditor fan.

Although I do like a lot of many directions you seem to be taking the development, the site is a little sluggish in some aspects. I'm confident that you'll work that out in time.

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Agreed. Not only in regards to speed, but also flexibility and ease of use. It's an incredibly tedious process to make a theme for CKEditor as it still uses image based icons.

​It doesn't help the CKE devs don't seem to understand the 'cascading' in CSS and just redefine *everything* per browser instead of using browser-specific stylesheets to *only* fix quirks. -.-

You don't end up just making 'a' CKE theme, you end up making at least 3 (webkit, gecko, IE) due to that, or you end up completely ripping apart the base CSS to bring cascading sanity into play. Either is as much work as the other.

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