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4.0 and adsense, login errors


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Users are experiencing the inability to log in. They have to click login 2-3 times with their info for it to take.,


According to IPB staff, its a Google adsense issue and I agree. Anyone else having this challenge?

I have the ad to display on the footer of the main page which also seems to include the login area. 


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It's against Adsense terms and conditions to display ads on login pages anyway, I'm guessing you are using the global ad slot for the footer? 

You need to use the custom ad locations instead and place them into the templates manually

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I will have the same problem then. Daveoh, can you please let me know where to use the code to place the ads.

I have used one ad in the board index and forum view


In the post view I have used the ad on top just like in the board index and along with that I have used an ad after the first post and above the fast reply box.



Can you please assist me?

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