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Server takes a long time to refresh once posted?

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I recently purchased a new server running CentOS 6.6 x64 and installed VestaCP along with MariaDB, nginx, Apache, Zend OPCache & Memcached. The installation was successful, the forum loading time was really fast (as expected) but the only problem I encountered was with posting a reply, sending a PM or even updating your status, took ~30 for the page to refresh.

I did some testing and the PM would be sent within 2 seconds but for some reason it took IPB 30 seconds to refresh after clicking the "Post" button to display the new PM which was sent. Same thing goes with topic replies, it takes ~30 seconds after clicking post for the post to show.


I have shoutbox and shouting there is blazing fast! The only issue is with new posts & PMs (replies too which use AJAX) and status updates. 

I'm not sure what could be the issue after trying multiple solutions, none were able to fix this issue and this is why I'm creating this topic to seek help from others here on IPS. :)


Has anyone else experienced the same issue as I am right now? 

Thank you for reading!





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One way to know for sure what is causing it is to run a profiler... But it's complicated and not for live servers.

One profiler that you can run on a live server is called New Relic, but very expensive. Could get away with a short trial though. But it's not as detailed as other profilers like xdebug.

I'm not sure what could be the issue after trying multiple solutions

Would be more helpful if you explain what you tried and why you tried those.

In the end, it sounds like a bug, I suggest opening a ticket with IPB.

It's also lacking a bit of information.

  • What IPB version are you running?
  • What is the server specs?
  • Output of top in ssh?
  • php.ini settings.
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