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RSS 4.0?


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I was reading around the forums saw people that the RSS in 4.0 is pretty weak compare to the 3.x.x system and there are a problems in the current system. It's not robust as it could be. Would there be improvements to this system in Feature Planning?

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On 3/19/2015, 12:46:33, Mark said:

What improvements would you like?

All of this is for Pages - 

1. ******* Must include the article picture. ******** I can't stress enough how important this is.  It is the gateway to having your articles published on major news syndication services like Apple News, Google News, and Flipboard.  No picture, no publish!

2. Ability to specify the fields that get output into the RSS feed.  At the moment, it is dumping the entirety of the article content into the feed and that really isn't ideal.  I use the Teaser Paragraph on all of my articles and in my case I would like to use that in the RSS feed rather than the article content.  Other sites may want to specify some other field.  This should be something the Admins can edit per database and preferably per category.

3. Should include some sort of an article info footer.  Example "<Article Title> appeared on <Site URL> on <Date> <Time>. Copyright <Site Name>"

4. Ability to name the RSS feed something other than the Pages page title.  My RSS feed for my 4.1 Pages shows up as "Home" in Feed Demon... yes, I can manually rename it there, but I didn't need to do that for Autoblog.  If the feed is of a specific category, it should be <Site Name or URL>: <Category Name>

5. Ability to include author would be nice, but not a requirement.



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I should also point out that in point 2, the current RSS functionality provided by Pages is a bug.  According to the RSS spec, the Description field is supposed to be only a summary of the item, not the full article.   As mentioned, this would likely best be filled by the Teaser Paragraph field from 3.4  (which should be returned by default to fresh installs of 4.x)

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