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OK, my RC 2 fresh install has all the same issues of the upgrade I did from 3.4.7. My test forum have none of these issues. My test forum was a beta install with each release upgraded to the current 4.0 RC2.

Here are the issue with my current install. (These are the ones I know of, there may be more)

Email not working

Smilies not working

Sidebar not working

cannot login with iPad

My question is this, do you think that I could eliminate these issue but deleting the forum and then installing the first beta and doing all the upgrades to RC2? As far as I know that is the only difference in the installs.

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Check your Dashboard in the ACP and see if there are background tasks.
Rebuilding stuff etc. if there is you'd need to wait until they are done before that's done you'll have some "broken" stuff on your site.
And no you shouldn't upgrade from 3.4.7 to beta 1 then rc2.
A better solution would be wait for rc3 if it was indeed an upgrade issue.

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There is nothing running in the background. The RC2 I have now was a fresh install not an upgrade.

​My bad overread this.
Emails not working, are you sure you have setup everything correctly?
Smilies not working, is your upload path/url correct?
Sidebar not working, what do you mean?
Cannot login with iPad, try to clear cookies and such.

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Email is setup right

Path/url is right

I am talking about the thing you can  put stats, posts, latest images, etc.. in locations on the forum. You slide over the blocks to where you want them. When you do that they do not display and if you put more than one in an area, they stack on top of each other.

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