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Facilitate logging into alternative accounts

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As noted here, there's a problem for those of us who have more than one account here. (In my case, it's because I have to use different payment cards depending on the site; nothing nefarious!)

When logging out of one account (at both the client and community installations) and then trying to log into another, we meet this screen:


Clicking on Sign in with Email automatically logs the user back in to the last-used account; there isn't a field anywhere to type in the desired email address. I have been able to do this before, so something must have changed.

Please do consider making this more user-friendly so that in those instances where a switch is required, users can do so relatively easily.

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Did you save your login credentials in the browser this time?

(I'm not sure how that would play with your 'logout' - except that typically 'logout' is on the server and affects your cookies whereas credentials saved in the browser are - well - credentials saved in the browser.)


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