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[Pages] Permission setting for "View other's records"?


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I notice that the permission settings only allow you to choose whether the group can see all records or none at all.

There really should be an option for "View other's records" as sometimes users might have to share information that others shouldn't see.

Am I missing something here? :)

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Any update on this?

You can do this with forums already:


Why not for IP.Pages databases?

It'd be really great for setting up ticket systems, application systems, and so forth.

I've made an application database with Pages, but I really don't want other users to each other's applications.

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This is getting really bad.

If you let guests access the database, but not view records, you end up with an endless spam of errors and emails warning you about them.


I want guests to be able to access the database page, but not see any of the records.

I don't want members to see any records besides their own.

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