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Must be doing something wrong

Ocean West

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Ok with a clean slate - just got a brand new server and and dropped everything out of my sandbox site,

  • copied the database from .com to .net site
  • copied live directory from .com to .net
  • renamed that directory to something else - if i have to do it again.
  • then uploaded the new beta4 files to a new folder "forum"
  • copied over directories and files (config uploads public ) needed from my source to the beta site adjusted the config settings to point to the new path and database
  • ran the upgrade only a few errors nothing show stopping.
  • Upgrade succeeded but can't log in to Admin get a 404 the main index has zero css or styles

any suggestions - http://www.fmforums.net/forum

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standard operating procedure - 

  • TEST

by making a copy of a live site to a sand box you have the opportunity to make sure your site can upgrade and when the day comes that the software is released that things will go soothly - 

knowing where the settings are and what they do before you launch, nothing worse then launching and you and your members are a noobs with the new software.

There is no faster way to familiarize yourself with the software (find bugs) by working with your data - you are the expert on what exists and how it works now and can identify things that you couldn't if it was all just sample data. Plus there are so many variables of servers, setups upgrade paths third party add ons etc that affect the experience.


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I understand your words.

My community e.g. have custom-made hooks/apps what i dont want to loose (and even Apps here from the former "marketplace" what maybe never will be coded for IPB 4)

Did you use any kind of hooks/Apps?

Anyway...IPB is now in Beta-Stage, and i have learned, that this site is running it for to find bugs. Why YOU was changing?

The settings you can handle with XAMPP or something similar. And the day, that this Script will release a v4.1 stable will be maybe next year!

There are to much errors for to handle this - my opinion...



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