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Stick footers please-many use them


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Many use a footer and a colored one at that. It's hard to say what percentage of sites use a colored footer but most sites I visit do. There's also several ways to skin this cat but all are a little more than the novice should worry about imo. 

​Also........ :) Why not just add a footer color like header color for easy change in ACP


Thank You 

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​lol...you'll never make everyone happy. Unfortunately.

@csm It wouldn't fit with their design language they've chosen with this current UX. 

Luckily, everything can be customized. You'll have to do what 'Captain Ginns' is doing, creating the change when upgrading to 4.0.

​Not what I wanted to do or was suggesting but captian's got another idea out there for everyone for sure :) The footer could also remain transparent to fit there modal

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