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  1. Quick question... Any way to let groups have access - like each group could have their own projects with the group members? Or does it already do this TiA
  2. For those that use the custom fields a great deal, is there any way to get them to show up on the front end with their text (like it shows on the back-end, very fancy-like )? My customers will be filling in several important custom fields and it would be great for them to also be able to see what they chose down the road and wouldn't end up not knowing what I'm responding about if they forget one of the fields they selected. Kind of disappointed that's not just automatically there...unless I missed something? Hugely appreciate any ideas/anything I missed Thanks
  3. Is there any way to turn on some sort of 'show errors' option for the ACP? For when apps crash/don't work, and throw this useless error: EX2: Something went wrong. Please try again. Or a similar error will show. This does nothing for anyone, can't help the dev out with any helpful info and we ourselves can't trace back if we did the breaking. Please tell me there is a way to see more info than these more than useless errors tell us. Thanks
  4. Agreed with everyone else here. Mostly seems the RCs are being released right now only to appease the ones that are impatient for them, and not that it's being released because bugs were actually fixed. LET THEM FIX THE BUGS! There are a lot of them, and I would rather a rock stable product and that simple bugs are fixed rather than just rushing this thing (pff a simple bug like hovering the product image in Commerce - the hover pop-up doesn't disappear; how something so simple is still not fixed...amongst other basic things) We could have RC100. What's the point if they are all unstable/buggy.
  5. How is the 4.0 version coming along?
  6. I definitely love the new additions and some of the changes made to the new 'IP.Nexus', Commerce. Some of the changes, not so sure about. And hope things can be remedied before launch (hope they aren't big 'code change' requests). Not sure if some are bug reports already, just putting a list of things I noticed together No save & return to creating/editing a product? Awesome feature in 3.4Does not return saved with 'source' or 'html' turned on in the edit package screen. You can click source again, but if you have complex HTML it's now a mess to read, when it was pasted/saved it was in nice form. In 3.4, this does not 'usually' happen (stays on HTML but rarely after editing a package then returning it may get messed up for some weird reason).Does not show amount of product in stock on product page? (or in the ACP product listing? That would help for people that sell many items that always need to be restocked - personally I don't need this, just pointing it out that it could be handy to others)Disable/Enable the share/mention product features (facebook, digg, etc.)?Custom Fields - Not sure how they work, I assume if I did something like 'Select Box', then put 1, 2, 3, 4. Wouldn't they would see a drop down menu with the 1-4 on the product screen? Or in a tab next to the 'Product Information' tab?A random ACP nitpick: Not a huge fan of no global breadcrumbs. If not that, then maybe at least a bold or underline or something in the navigation to the left to signify where you went? Sometimes I click things and i'm not even sure where I am or how to get back there again. This has been missing since day 0 of these releases (had active license from alphas 15-beta2), figured they would have been added at some point. Not sure why no one else cares about them (no reports about it and don't think i've seen any bug reports on it)? How does everyone else feel about 'knowing where they're at'? Just got around to renewing my licenses recently and started messing with this so in the half hour of dabbling in it, I noticed these few things. (btw, I think it's kind of a bad idea to force an 'active' license to participate in the beta testing. I think if you 'own' a license to the product, you should be able to test the beta's esp because they shouldn't be live anyway - this would get you 1000x more testing/bug reporting participation - anyway enough of that, that's another topic - just quickly stating my opinion on that)
  7. ​You have something wrong with your install. That is not by design. By design, it is ONLY supposed to drop to mobile if it notices the res being lower than 768 wide. Take a look at the two pics below, I screenshot'd this page, with the res shown in the top right corner showing you, what is happening to your setup is not supposed to be happening. Always test this site if possible too (thats what these tests were from)
  8. ​lol...you'll never make everyone happy. Unfortunately. @csm It wouldn't fit with their design language they've chosen with this current UX. Luckily, everything can be customized. You'll have to do what 'Captain Ginns' is doing, creating the change when upgrading to 4.0.
  9. Its just a convenience thing. Just go to www.invisionpower.com Then go to Support > Client Area Same. Just the convenience is gone, nothing got 'removed' as far as the main client area, just the links here on the forum. Also if someone wishes to buy something, major (any IPS product) it was always done on the front end, @ www.invisionpower.com
  10. About the average joe (non-client/paid member here) reporting bugs: I still don't see it. I look at it this way...I go to a mechanics shop and I notice something broken. What's the chances i'll I run around the place trying to find the 'corporation' to report this 'broken' part to? Slim. What usually happens is, [most] people will just go to the shop owner and say "oh hey just so you know, I think 'x' is broken, looked it anyway'" Few reasons why I would do this [report to owner] for a website (in general): 1. A lot of sites are white labeled anyway. So if you go to a site that is white labeled and has a 'bug', what do you do now? 2. The 'bug' could be something simple, webdev related, server related, etc. Who knows best? Probably the owner 3. You may be 1 in 20 or so that would go 'above and beyond' to report problems to the 'main' corporation (3rd-party debug) 4. Creating loops. If some average joe opens tickets/bug reports saying "domain.com is using your script and their menu is not working" now IPS may spend time looking into this, when all the while if the owner of the site was simply told and he/she looked into it come to find out it was a simple code error from some previous dev work (<-just an example). But who closes these loops? Even telling the website that you 'reported' this issue. What was the point? You could have simply told the website the problem, and THEY either fix their own coding bug, OR THEY can report it to the 'main' corp....THEY would know which to do (it being in-house bug or framework bug) 5. I'm definitely no expert of every website, just barely getting there with this. So if I go to some random site, I personally wouldn't be quick to point where the bug originates. Again, site owner probably knows best...they could even be doing some work at the time. How would you know? I could honestly probably keep going. I really don't see any point to allowing average joe's reporting capabilities. If you aren't an owner/runner of this software, I'm thinking you should just report the bugs to the site owners instead. I really wouldn't like random people coming here, saying that my site has "x, y, z problem" when all that had to be done was tell me about it and I could have resolved it on my own, simpler, faster, easier on everyone (no one sent in circles for work I was doing on my site). Then too reports don't look foolish and time-wasted. It kind of be like, going to Yii or symfony (or whatever framework script IP is using here <-see I don't even know that, to even be accurate) and complaining to them that something doesn't work here on IPS4. How is that productive? Report the bugs to the website. Makes most sense This is just my 2 cents anyway.
  11. I might be seeing it wrong here, but this is a paid product. So logic tells me, if you aren't a 'Customer' of this site, how did you get the software to begin? Their purchases work like this: once you pay the full price, you are always a "customer', maybe just not an active one (which is okay, for this particular instance as I am not an 'active' customer though I can report bugs. though for things like upgrades, that you need to be active for). So in a general situtation, I can see why they have bug reporting blocked to only once paid members.
  12. Hi, Just want to start by saying very nice template :). Quick question: How to make sidebar collapsed when visitor goes to site, like by default collapsed (I know it can be done through JS and such but not sure how). I been looking all through the code and cannot seem to make that happen. The way I am setting up my site its best to have that automatically off for me (but still allow them to be able to open it of course), as well as some places like IP Nexus where the shopping cart [right sidebar] is forced, making 2 sidebars. Thanks you Oh PS. Hopefully you will update this for 4.0 when its released? I liked this theme a lot so I bought it, just hope you will update it when 4.0 comes out?
  13. Hmm then it may be proof right there that this is not some 'on-the-whim-crazy-idea/fad'...maybe? When was 3.2 released? Like 2011? 2012? I am honestly not sure, I would guestimate around then. That's an estimation of like 2 years asking for this particular granularity. Like GreenLinks stated, kind of disappointing they didn't listen to the suggestion from back then too. I think I remember some of the conversation back then as well and they were saying similar answers, that profiles should be 'open'. I agree fully with everyones stories/suggestions too, +1 from me. I think options can only make a product stronger. Every community is NOT the same. Like others have said, there are communities of all types, why NOT allow the ADMIN to choose WHICH fields can have those 'friends-only' feature. Give the option to the admin, its obviously up to this staff member (or owner) to ultimately decide if something sensitive should allow the member to 'friend-only' it. No need to go all out and just make every member be able to choose any field be friend only or not, that's overkill and could cripple the community like Rimi stated above about xenforo, like if you allow the member to 'friend-only' say religion and your site is all about religion, that is definitely not going to be a good idea. But if you have the field for religion on something like a gamer community, that may be something you want to 'LET' the members choose, as if its blocked it will NOT mess up the flow of the site. Options options options! Every single community, person and idea is different. Like someone else said, one-size does not fit all in a 'Community' software, that is not cheap none the less. PLEASE IPS, realize that some may not care about privacy, but some do. Especially with times like now where everyone IS so personal online with their stuff it seems and also like that story about the man that stalked the women and proceeded to do worse things (ugh thats sick. A very good example why something like this should be allowed in the communities, allow your members to block some of the more personal data that they don't mind sharing with their FRIENDS, not some random perv). With options and granularity, you can make more happy and less unhappy. Who loses out with options of a 'turn this feature on? turn this feature off?' I can't really think of anyone..really options can help differentiate communities too, not all the same plain janes My 2 cents anyway
  14. In the Applications section where you see it says update available, it should be a green button that is clickable. Click it and follow the upgrade procedure. Then you should be able to get upgraded to the latest version. I would backup my database if you have a lot of data in the app (markers and such) to just be certain you can revert if anything goes wrong. As for the API, I dont use the beta but I think the beta is using bing maps now, and I just googled bing maps api and got this link: http://www.microsoft.com/maps/choose-your-bing-maps-api.aspx not sure if that is it or not but a simple search should yield some results.
  15. I just came across this awesome mod and unfortunately I also have that same error. I wish I knew enough to figure out how to fix it :/ I'm going to bookmark this in the hopes maybe it can get updated at some point. I would appreciate it a lot, I think it looks like others would too. Thanks in advanced
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