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Conversion from SMF 2.0 to IPB 3.4.7 - Great Support


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I own a forum of 8000+ members and 480K + posts which was built on SMF and been running for almost 8 years . The first 6 years were fine, but for the last two years I felt that the system was lacking and I had to reject several customization requests due to technical limits.

It was about a month ago that I decided to move from SMF to something else. I have searched every option I had and when I had the short list, IP.Board was inside. It did not take me too long to choose IP.Board cause I was looking for a decent, integrated portal and most other used either bridges or were not that good.

I took the demo for 5 days, it was really positive but not answering me much cause I had to make a huge conversion and there were several question marks.

Taking the risk, I made the purchase. I was sure I would need a lot of help cause neither was I familiar to the software nor an expert on these systems.

From the first day to last monday when I finally made the conversion, I have to say I am very pleased ( and a bit surprised ) of the support I am given.

Support, from General to Tier II , was quick and pinpointing to the issues I have raisen ( 21 issues..Do they hate me ? :) ) and they have even wrote quick fixes for the problems I have faced.

I want to thank all of them who have made this much more easier than I thought.


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I have done the rounds with the forum software vendors and of the paid for software in my opinion the IPB support is the best, they go out of their way and are excellent.

You made the right choice :thumbsup:

​I have not regret a second yet and I hope I wont ever :)

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback - we appreciate it! I'm glad your experience has been positive thus far. :)

​You are welcome, I know there are several ppl out there with the same questions I had previously. I just wanted to ease the process for them.. ;)

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