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Where is the Feedback and Suggestions forum for IPBoard?


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Don't take this the wrong way but try wording your feedback in a less obtuse way - it would be understood and accepted better than the way you are doing it right now.

Stuart has linked you to the "Suggestions and Ideas" forum, which has 2 subforums but is also a forum in itself. You, for some reason, are saying that "Company Feedback" is for IPBoard? It's not, and Stuart hasn't said that either.. And I can see that the "Community Suite Feedback" forum has subforums for other products in the suite other than the board.

So, here's a better way of providing the feedback: I can see that there is a subforum for other products in the suite, so will there be a specific subforum for the board at any point?

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Sorry to be obtuse, but I'm confused. I was looking for the IPBoard feedback forum and couldn't find it. A lot of things have been lost or rearranged recently.

I still don't get that the Suggestions and Ideas forum, which has two major subforums, one of which is for Company Feedback and the other for Community Suite Feedback , is for IPBoard. The hierarchy doesn't make any sense:

Suggestions and Ideas (aka IPBoard)
    Company Feedback
    Community Suite Feedback
        - IP.Blog
        - IP.Content
        - IP.Downloads
        - IP.Gallery
        - IP.Nexus

This hierarchy suggests that IPBoard is the largest entity, the company (IPS) is a subunit.

If this is the way IPS wants it, changing the Suggestions and Ideas forum title to IPBoard would forestall the confusion I experienced.


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