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New Registration Email - needs improving!

The Old Man

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Currently in IPB, when a new member registers, you can opt to be notified via email.
The email is basic and doesn't contain any convenient links to your community, the admin panel, the new members profile, the moderator panel, or much else beyond the basics.

How about including some more info from their profile that's been completed and perhaps a profile photo if they've uploaded one by the time the email is sent?

Also can more than the root admin be selected to receive these emails?

Many thanks!

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Thanks Rikki.

Apologies, I meant can more than one admin be added to receive new registration emails?
Although I set up my community I have a fellow Admin who logs in more frequently than I do.

Oh no I understood what you meant, I just wasn't sure if this is how it will work. I've found it in IPS4 though, and it's set up the same way as 3.x with one email address.

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