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Luckily I have a support ticket where it provides me to the link for the Marketplace invoices. I also think I brought this up before, about the difficulty finding the Marketplace invoices, so I can review my renewals as well as my purchases. But I want to raise the issue again.

It had been a while since I visited the Marketplace invoices area. So naturally, I couldn't find it. I first went to the Client Area as most people would do if they are one of those who don't know how to jiggle the door open (in other words, know the secret location).

Nothing there.

Then I clicked on IPS Marketplace which might also be a logical place if your mind was sharper than mine and you just instinctively thought to look for 'client' kind of things in the Marketplace.

Nothing there.

So how in the world is anyone, without a knowledge of the secret handshake, able to find the Marketplace invoices page? What am I missing?

Don't complain unless you have a solution.

My solution would be to add an additional horizontal tab on the left side, in the Client Area, that says 'Marketplace Invoices' directly below the current Invoices tab and also enhance the current tab that says 'Invoices' to 'IPS Invoices.'

A secondary solution would be to add a link somewhere on the main Marketplace page, perhaps below 'Categories,' and have it labeled as Invoices in the blue banner and have it link to the Marketplace Invoices page. If you really wanted to enhance that, you could add links for renewal, paid, expired, and canceled, below the blue banner.

A third solution would be to add a link in the Invoices page of the Client Area that simply says something: "Looking for Marketplace Invoices? Click Here" which would link to the Marketplace Invoices page.

So I did find my Marketplace Invoices page - from my closed support ticket, and I paid my renewals. Thank you ProMenu Plus. Thank you AutoBirthday Greeter. Okay, then I closed my tabs and began to type this feedback. Oh wait, I wanted to go back to the Marketplace Invoices page but I just closed that tab .... oy! I can't find it. So now I have to open my support ticket page again, and open that closed support ticket to find that link again....

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I may of misunderstood you, but on the user menu on the top right click "MarketPlace Purchases" then on the left menu click Purchases or Invoices as appropriate ? :smile:

Yikes, so there is a navigation link! However ... in defense of those like me who are looking for items and don't immediately know to look on the user menu, I would encourage IPS to consider one of the link solutions I offered.

Thanks Andy.


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The Marketeplace is a relatively stock installation of IP.Downloads and IP.Nexus.

The 'Marketplace Purchases' link is just a renamed 'Client Area' link for this installation. It's important to note, the marketplace and your IPS client area are two different installs. Separate invoicing systems.

Maybe add a tab in your IPS client area that redirects to the Marketplace Client Area.

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