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Ideal my.cnf settings?

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Does anyone have a specialized my.cnf settings that they tinkered with? Right now, I have a board with 100,00+ members with 1.8M posts. I'm currently on a dedicated server Intel Xeon E3-1240V2, 16 Gigs of Ram, dual 1TB drives. I'm using Sphinx as my search engine (v 2.0.4).

I'm just trying to tinker my settings and I'm curious what others had with similar hardware / board sizes.



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I've used both MySQL Tuner and Tuning Primer, they can both provide useful tuning information.

The rest I've just learned from miscellaneous research and advice from other MariaDB/MySQL users and developers on IRC.

There is no universal ideal my.cnf configuration. It's dependent on your specific hardware and your specific workload.

I do have a (slightly older) version of my my.cnf posted here though,


It's in no way perfect and your mileage may vary, but you're welcome to use it as a reference. (I currently run a forum with 20,000+ members and 500,000+ posts).

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