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  1. The problem is that I have THOUSANDS of pages -- in excess of 100,000+ pages of content across a dozen or so sites. It's not gonna happen. Besides I have perfect GTMetrix scores for speed, etc. It was something that Invision had already set up before ... it used to be on several football team sites. It was an "enterprise" solution only.
  2. Interesting for sure ... could you also set it up for a particular thread to be ignored as well? Some issues are just contentious ... and you don't necessarily want to ignore the person ... just the topic to a select group of people. Is this a possibility as well?
  3. I get it ... but if Invision actually provided it themselves ... can you imagine the opening you'd have? 30% of the web is on WordPress based sites! It's not as if it's going to go away .. it's really a no brainer as far as setting up an entire revenue stream!
  4. Hello, I'm still wondering how it is that the BEST forum software still hasn't figured out how to INTEGRATE its forums into Wordpress nice and neatly? When one considers that 30% of the web runs on WordPress ... it ought to be a NO-BRAINER to have a seamless integration? Look at how XenForo has a nice tight integration? And there is no way that Xenforo can top Invision... or can it? https://www.themehouse.com/xenforo/2/addons/xpress Honestly, will someone please create a NICE tight INTEGRATION between two great software pieces? Thanks, BB It's not as if WordPress is going away ... https://trends.builtwith.com/cms/WordPress
  5. Did anyone figure out the situation? I've gotten the same email from Facebook.
  6. Hello, If you have been running a community like me for 20 years, and have thousands registered, sometimes you forget past issues or circumstances. It would be nice to have a "NOTES" section added to the ADMIN CP on the PROFILE page of the user. So that you could quickly see, whatever issues there was in the past with their account. I think it would make it easier to track problems, Thanks, BostonBob
  7. I'd like to request some features for the Moderator CP section. First -- the User Reported Content -- should be SEARCHABLE -- with a search box for simply User Reported Content. Second -- it would be nice to have a 2 more items added to the information. First, the person who REPORTED a post. Secondly, whom was reported. When dealing with hundreds of reports over the years ... it would be easier to search past problems and how they are related to current issues. Thanks, BB
    Wow! What can I say, but this is perfect in so many ways! It's like the old Invision chat on steroids! Easy to configure -- bots to auto-post whenever new posts are on your forum! It integrates so easily into your forums! A definite must-have for any forum owner!
  8. Is it possible to create a version for MaxCDN? 🙂
  9. I'm interested in a specific forum whereby a person can ask a panel of people a question, however only the person and the panel of people can reply. Permissions to anyone reading would be set to read only. However to the person who started the thread, and just that person would be able to ask follow up questions. Do you think this is doable? Thanks!
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