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Deny quoted messages from being editable


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I can understand that.

I just don't think it is a good thing that somebody else can change any of your text that you have posted when they quote you imo.

Okay let's look at the pros and cons of preventing a quote from being edited.


1. You know that what you see is the legit quote and not something modified.


1. If someone made a big post, and I'm talking about scrolling the web browser a few pages, then that entire quote shows up.

2. Sometimes people want to include a segment of a quote and then bold a select part of it to directly respond to. Wouldn't be possible.

3. If someone wants to respond to multiple parts of a post and wants to break the quoted section into multiple parts... Wouldn't be possible.

4. What if the original content is changed and someone wants to edit their post (the quoted content) to reflect the new content? Wouldn't be possible.

5. If you set it so that the quote always shows the current content from the post, then someone could change their post and cause confusion with someone's reply. (Really bad idea).

As for your reason... I don't think it's that huge of a problem. A bigger problem is when someone quotes a post and then someone changes the original post. It leaves someone wondering if that post was changed or if the content of the quote was changed.

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