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Maybe I've missed it but when I'm reading a topic, I am unable to create a new thread topic, how come? :unsure:

There is a free hook you can install to add that back:

Be aware that there are some skins that add in/restore this functionality as well. So if you use the hook and find a duplicate button on some skins but not others, you might ask Adriano to add the option to pick and choose which skins to 'skip'. More like, "Which skips are you seeing duplicate buttons on?" so you add those skins.

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...OR edit the skin, which is easier and faster. :smile:

Or add an option to the hook since some skin authors include it as a default and it would be easier to change a single option than to edit multiple skins. :smile:

Not to mention the fact that it would make for a 'selling point' on the hook, to say that it can be disabled per skin.

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