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Cron status


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Currently there is no way from looking at the System Scheduler if you're running off of cron jobs or not - unless you click the "Use Cron" button.


Can either the button light up (crude example):


Or have a message saying cron is enabled on the system scheduler page?



Also, on a related note, it would be nice to have a message saying "We noticed you've enabled cron mode, but we haven't seen any activity in the past X minutes / hours / days. Please verify your cron setup" within the admincp (on the System Scheduler page or not). You should be able to tell since all of the items would be bold, but it'd be a nice way to quickly notify admins.

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Great suggestions , all though i prefer an additional improvement.

I always prefer running cron jobs directly on server level instead of inline PHP. That's why maybe an option to download all cron entries at once can be a huge improvement. Will save me tons of time :smile:

In the latest release you can enable a sort of cron-all mode. When you do this, you set up a cron job to run every minute and all IP.Board tasks are executed as cron in the appropriate order/sequence. You don't need to set up individual cron jobs for each task if you do this.

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