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sugestions setting up replicaton

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Hello, im about to setup a replication slave to make my daily backup with no downtime (since i can't use it to send IPB reads...)
I want to setup this to ONLY replicate the board's DDBB "ipb_forum_db" but im really confused with binlog_do_db and repli.._do_db

Also to reduce the backup/replicaton size and load I was thinking on ignoring some tables content:

| gaccs_template_cache |
| gachat_log_archive |
| gacontent_cache_posts |
| gacontent_cache_sigs |
| gagareputation_cache |
| gareputation_cache |
| gaskin_cache |
| gaskin_templates_cache |
| gaskin_templates_previous |

IIRC at least template.posts and sigs cache will fill up by an option in ACP (why do i need a backup of a cache..?)

Any advice? thanks!

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