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Can not access the Client Area


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Can you clarify in what way you cannot access?

It seems loading very slow, other pages than Client Area load normally.

btw, does IP.Content contain some content which need something like an online autherization with IPS? My IP.Content sometimes open very fast and sometimes open very slow but other app like blog and gallery, etc, always open fast. When IP.Content page loaded very slow and finally loaded, the page seems a little weird, looks like no <p> or no <br> effects on every thing. While when it opened very fast, the IP.Content pages seem normal.

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Can you try again? Perhaps it was just a temporary issue? The client area seems to be loading fine for me presently.

IP.Content does not call out to our servers to function. I would recommend submitting a ticket if you can reproduce the problem you are describing so that a technician can investigate.

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