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Hello, i need some help to be sure there is something wrong with my server, since a few times a day load will go > 10 for a few minutes, i know tic could be a scheduled task, however Im unable to trackiit. This has been driving me nuts for months now.

My server is: a 8x i7 - 6Gb RAM - sata root/htdocs HDD - sata (2HD) soft-raid0 only for mysql DATA

This server has ispconfig and is running >15 sites with almost no visits compared to mine

The board is setup with nginx/php-fpm/MariaDB + Varnish for not logged in users

I have an average of 500 users online in the last 5 minutes. Average load is <= 3, I had applied the patch posted in this forum for that slow query I had run a tool sent to me by IPB support to fix a problem from an old IPB version....I had disabled IPB and isp config cron for a few days... nothing made a difference.

The only thing i can be sure is that this spike has to do with MySQL doing i/o as hell...i used to have some stuck queries like the one used for the "best content" page, but i have disabled that too...

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