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I thought I would condense some feedback I have made elsewhere into a single thread. Minor things really.

[*]For the benefit of non-US customers, can a client area note be added when it's expected support times may be longer than usual? It would just help manage expectations and avoid some of the "OMG, it's been 33 seconds since I posted!! WHERE IS MY REPLY?!" type threads. :) [*]Can descriptions be added to the packages when purchasing. IPS Community Suite on it's own just doesn't mean much and it will lead to confusion. Even somebody who has already purchased once before may get confused if it's been a while since they had to purchase anything. [*]I noticed Open support tickets show up as soon as you enter the client area, however this doesn't appear to be the case for those awaiting customer action. Technically it's still open and it would avoid extra navigation for users just checking on the status.

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Thanks for the replies. :D

For #2, we have descriptions of each application already available on the website. :smile:

An example is this:


The Community Suite package will make sense when we de-couple the board and the core..

You're right and it does, however if you try to buy and are already logged in it tells you to go to the client area for making purchases. Once there, the descriptions are gone. :)

For #1, we typically do this. Unfortunately it was overlooked for Labor Day on Monday - my apologies for that.

Nobody is perfect. :P
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Man I am always so confused when I go to make a new purchase. Board + core is $175, but I get $150 and then I remember it's because of the bulk license discount. Can this be made more clear somewhere? First of all very clearly display what the discounting structure is, and secondly, state that it's being applied in a clear manner.

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