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Very slow support

Ashley S

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The support on this forum is kinda slow, I have e-mailed you guys about the error I get while I try and purchase the IP.Board.

I am getting this error.

"Your payment could not be processed as it did not pass our anti-fraud requirements. Please select a different payment method, or contact us for more information."

I am using a Visa card with the right details.

What's the problem?

I've been waiting for around 5-8 hours now for a reply, if I don't get a reply within the next 3 hours then I will be going to XenForo or vBulletin.
Thank you.

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8 hours ago would have been 3 AMish EST...

I'm sure the staff were sleeping. :) Also, it's Monday.. I'm sure they are experiencing high ticket volume from the weekend.

You're best bet is to keep a ticket open with the sales department. I'm sure they will assist you sooner rather than later.

It sucks that you didn't pass the fraud review on the first shot, but understand that step is there for everyones protection.

Welcome to IPS!

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I've just responded to the three tickets you opened, the earliest of which you opened three hours ago. Please be advised that our billing issues are generally only answered during business hours and that our technical support standard license has a 2 day SLA. You may wish to consider a business license if you require same-day responses.

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