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SEO again - page structure


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* I hope that this topic can stay focused on my question below and not end in the usual SEO bloodbath! *

I've been looking at how IPB pages look to search engines compared with other forums and CMS's by looking at web pages without the CSS. (you can do this in several ways - for example in FF you can switch off CSS using the FF web developer plug-in).

In particular I've compared IPB and XF as XF is regarded by many (rightly or wrongly) to have superior SEO. Please see below 2 screengrabs, both for short 2 post messages, without CSS.

To me, these show that XF renders messages (a) in a more readable , less cluttered and understandable way and (b) the important stuff - the post content - is at the top of the page. So if content is king, then XF appears to make it easier to find and index.

Now I appreciate that the search engine should be able tosome extent separate the wheat from the chaff by html tags etc but my questions are: [*]How easy would it be for IPB (Matt?) to clean up their pages as per XF?

[*]Do members think that the 'cleaner' output from XF helps SEO? If yes, then ...

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