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would like IPB create an affiliate program to promote the products


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Two years ago i have start promoting the hosting company who host all my websites via their affiliate program. Didnt actually cash out the income because i simple using the income to pay the monthly bills.
There is any plan for a further affiliate program for IPB? Since i have a massive list with message boards from many countries where i post actively wouldn`t mind to add at my signature a link to IPB via the affiliate program. Guess cash or free products will be great as well :D

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We had an affiliate program up until about two weeks ago, and I believe it will be coming back at a later date. There were problems with correctly logging affiliate payments.

Here's the official email that was sent out:

We regret to inform you that IPS must temporarily suspend our affiliate program. The software we have been using for the past several years to track our affiliate system has proven unreliable.

We started our affiliate program before our IP.Nexus ecommerce program existed so we were forced to use third party software. The good news here is that a future version of IP.Nexus currently in development will have a fully-featured affiliate tracking system built in. This will allow us to offer a new, more reliable affiliate program in the future.

Thank you for your support and we all hope you rejoin our affiliate program when it is relaunched under the IP.Nexus system later this year.

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